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Re: King Arthur baking stone

Sun, 3 Oct 2004 19:56:42 EDT
"Pedro" <pedrothethird@qwest.net> wrote:
>Go to http://www.kingarthurflour.com/  and search for "baking 
>stone".  Their stone has a lifetime warranty against breakage.  I love mine.

Yes, Pedro, but the last time I checked with them it was recommended that 
the stone be used with low fat items only (read yeast breads, pizza crusts, 
etc, no cookies, croissants, crescents, etc)  I will readily admit that I 
have not checked with them in some years & I hope they have broadened their 
scope. Pampered Chef guarantees that you can do anything on their stone 
that fits properly & doesn't run off (but you can even do brownie batter 
into a dessert pizza on their flat stone with parchment underneath).  I am 
delighted you are pleased with your stone but I guess I am just a Pampered 
Chef fan.