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Re: transformer for bread machine

"Jeff Dwork" <jeff@jeff-and-reggie.com>
Sat, 16 Oct 2004 23:19:13 -0700
Cindy asked about using a transformer to run a US bread machine (120 V, 60 
Hz) in HK (220 V, 50 Hz).

A transformer will work to convert the voltage but it won't change the 
frequency.  If the machine is specified for "50 Hz/60 Hz", then the 
transformer is ok.  If the machine is 60 Hz only, it won't work.

The new Zo machines (X20, V20) are 60 Hz only.  The older ones (at least 
the S15a) is 50/60 Hz.  There are two bbcc-s15 machines on eBay at the 
moment for about $50 US.

The power requirement is under 1000 watts.

There are devices that convert both voltage and frequency.  This is done by 
converting the AC input (220 V, 50 Hz) to DC and then converting the DC to 
the desired AC output (120 V, 60 Hz).  Ask your local electronics dealers, 
but expect the converter to cost lots more than the bread machine.

A 1000 W DC to AC inverter costs about $125 US but there is a lot of demand 
for these from people wanting to run power tools from car batteries.  There 
is less demand for the AC-DC-AC conversion, so it will be harder to find 
and probably more expensive.

You could run your bread machine from an inverter fed from a pair of BIG 12 
volt batteries (about $200 US each) which are recharged with a car battery 
charger.  This would run the bread machine for 4 hours.

Good luck,