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Sat, 9 Oct 2004 18:35:14 EDT
Hello -- I'm new to the list but not new to bread baking -- altho I have 
learned a lot from reading the bread-bakers archives.  What a great list 
this is!

Linda  G-- you were asking about the Costco bread -- here's my idea:  try 
Peter Reinhart's "Multigrain Bread Extradinaire" in the "Bread Baker's 
Apprentice" (p. 187).  The favor is similar but better that the Costco 
bread.  The color is much lighter but you could try getting a darker color 
by 1) adding a little Cocoa or 2) by reducing the honey in the recipes a 
little and using malt barley syrup.  I'd try the Cocoa first since the 
other is pretty pricey.  But try making the bread first following the 
recipe -- it's totally terrific as is!

I made the Irish Soda Bread recipe from Rose Levy Beranbaum's Bead Bible 
this morning -- with a few little twists. First I didn't have any Irish 
Whiskey to soak the raisins in so I used spiced rum. Second I only had 
powdered buttermilk so I used that with club soda as my liquid.  Third I 
followed the CI's suggestion in their baking cookbook and baked it in a 
Dutch oven.  Finally I used the left over rum with the butter to make a 
spice rum butter (instead of the whiskey butter).  I was making it as a 
practice run to serve some visitors (who like all things Irish) later this 
month and I have not been a fan of Irish Soda bread it the past.  I have 
always thought cardboard could taste better! This soda bread was so good 
that I made my husband hide it from me!  It baked up with a lovely golden 
color instead of kinda dull brown that I have seen before.  And the texture 
was perfect -- not at all dry.  Thank You Rose Levy Beranbaum!