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re: whole wheat bread, etc.

Harry Glass <hglass@yahoo.com>
Sun, 17 Oct 2004 12:44:29 -0700 (PDT)
Joe Tilman <mrtilman@yahoo.com> wrote:
>Re: a light, fluffy whole wheat
>I would doubt it was 100% whole wheat, probably closer to 25-30% ww / 
>70-75% white.


First a disclaimer: I didn't read the message to which your reply below 

If taken at face value, your reply suggests that you haven't made serious 
attempts at baking above average 100% whole wheat bread. If you had, you 
would have learned, as I did more than 15 years ago, that it is easy.  All 
it takes is a good basic recipe (e.g., the one on the 5 lb. bag of King 
Arthur Traditional Whole Wheat Flour), a little research at the library for 
ideas in bread baking books, and a little experimentation with changes to 
the basic recipe.

As a result of my doing the above, I have been making unbeatably light, 
fluffy, great tasting honey 100% whole wheat bread for years.