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Freezing dough

RisaG <radiorlg@yahoo.com>
Sun, 17 Oct 2004 04:51:44 -0700 (PDT)
Someone asked what to do with freezing dough? How to handle it?

I form breads all the time and then freeze the dough. I remove it from the 
freezer, let the dough come to room temperature and then form the shape and 
let it rise again. Then I bake it. Works quite well.

In fact, I did that for one of my bubble loaves for next weeks party. I 
made the dough, let it rise, and then I broke it into the balls and then 
froze the balls. This week I will thaw them out, get them to room 
temperature, fill them with the magical garlic mixture, and then bake them 
in the wonderful loaf that they make. I did that as an experiment to see if 
that works. I've done it before for rolls but never for my loaf. We'll see 
what happens. I'll post the results.

Otherwise I bake loaves and then cool them, freeze them, and then they are 
used as needed. I have 2 full loaves, already baked, in the freezer ready 
to go. Can't wait to thaw those dough balls and see what happens.

Further notes on this to come.