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Re: cinnamon-raisin bread

Sun, 17 Oct 2004 10:20:10 EDT
Katie Johnson wrote about problems with a cinnamon-raisin roll:
>... on a cross-section, the dough was tightly wound until the top, where 
>it had come apart, leaving a gaping hole.

katie, i went crazy trying to get to the bottom of the separation problem, 
making loaf after loaf until i finally hit on the answer (and don't judge 
from the photo in my book--i forgot to tell the secret to the stylist!)

1) use lightly beaten whole egg instead of butter to brush on the dough 
before sprinkling and rolling

2) add the raisins to the dough instead of sprinkling them on. this makes a 
huge difference.

cinnamon raisin bread is one of my favorites and i thought it was 
well-worth the effort to perfect!

rose levy beranbaum