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Re: diastatic malt and pumpernickel

Sun, 28 Nov 2004 11:29:22 EST
Re the diastatic malt added to my pumpernickel bread recipe (in a previous 
posting to the list) : I realized why the huge amount of 2 tablespoons that 
had been added in error didn't turn the loaf into a gooey mess! It take 
about 8 hours of fermentation for the diastatic malt to have its full 
effect. Since the diastatic malt was in the "flour blanket," it didn't get 
mixed into the dough until later so it didn't get activated until just a 
few hours before baking time. If, however, one holds the finished dough 
overnight, it would be far too much diastatic malt!

rose (sherlock!) beranbaum