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whole wheat challah

Fredericka Cohen <cohenfs@prodigy.net>
Tue, 30 Nov 2004 04:18:36 -0800 (PST)
Once more I come to the best place I know for bread advice!

My 2005 New Year's resolution is to try a recipe for whole wheat 
challah.  (At 76, how many bad habits are left to break or new directions 
to find?!?!)

I remember several over the years and I hope the posters will re-send.

Also there is "Millie's Whole Wheat Challah" (Laura Brody's ma). Has anyone 
ever adapted/converted/adjusted this bread machine recipe to a 
traditional/stand mixer version?

In searching, I noticed that some bakers prefer a whole wheat pastry flour 
to an all-purpose type.  Others us whole wheat/white in proportions ranging 
from 1/4 whole wheat to 1/2 whole wheat.

Thanks in advance. Feel free to contact me offline.