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Help with Glezer's sour dough challah

"adam tenner" <a10er@yahoo.com>
Sun, 5 Feb 2006 07:47:34 -0500
Hi all,

Wondering if anyone is familiar with Maggie Glezer's "My Sourdough 
Recipe."  Maggie, maybe you're even on the list.  Anyhow, I'm a very 
experienced challah maker, but this is my first try doing it with sourdough.

The sourdough starter was no problem. I have both a white and whole 
wheat active 'chefs' which I have used for a long time.  My first 
problem was that the amount of flour in the recipe; the recipe seemed 
to ask for too little. I needed to add nearly a cup more than what 
she called for.  The second problem was just that I got very little rise.

Any ideas?

-Adam Tenner