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Stand Mixers

"Margaret G. Cope" <mgcope@charter.net>
Fri, 21 Nov 2008 07:26:54 -0500
What is the current thinking about stand food mixers?  I would like 
to buy one for a daughter-in-law.  We have extra bowls and 
attachments for a Kitchen Aid K45 but I seem to remember that many of 
you were not happy with their performance a few years ago.  I just 
had to discard a K45 when Casco Food Equipment Service in Manchester 
NH said it was unrepairable as the "board" was no longer 
available.  I am still using one here daily for bread and cookies and 
we have an even older one functioning in another house.  I also have 
a Kenwood (now Delongy) (inherited) which I have had serviced but it 
still makes noise.

Thank you in advance.  Yes, you may write me directly.