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Re: Kenwood mixer

"Mary Fisher" <mary.fisher@zetnet.co.uk>
Sat, 29 Nov 2008 10:41:21 -0000
Mike wrote (bread-bakers.v108.n043)
>I haven't used the Kenwood/Delonghi, but notice that the people on 
>the Food Network have trouble with them on an ongoing basis.  Things 
>like Mario and Bobby Flay not being able to get the bowl out of the 
>base, and picking up the whole mixer to pour out a topping onto a 
>cake (if my pre-coffee memory is still working).

When our fourth child was born (he's now 42)  my godmother gave me a 
Kenwood Chef so that I could use the blender to make suitably 
textured first 'solid' food for him from the same meals the rest of 
us had. It was wonderful and I had and used it for many years.

As with many essential gadgets it died one Christmas (others have 
included the cooker on Christmas Eve and the ch boiler on Christmas 
Day!). Said child was visiting with his family, it was about five 
years ago. The only problem we'd had before then was because of worn 
brushes which were easy to replace. The machine (and its attachments) 
was in almost daily use.

By that time my hands had become arthritic and painful and I really 
needed something to mix dough, I hadn't then learned about stretching 
and folding. So we bought the bigger Kenwood Major Professional and 
hanged the expense. We were by now just two in the house instead of 
seven, except when the children and their children came to stay, but 
I loved that bigger machine. Still do.

It will handle 6lbs (metric equivalent) of flour made into a dough in 
its large bowl. These days I rarely make such a large amount. It will 
mix very heavy amounts of, say, Christmas puddings (I make several to 
give to family). It will of course also make smaller quantities of 
anything but for, say, whisking an egg for mayonnaise I prefer to use 
an old Horlicks mixer, a plunger in a glass cylinder, it's quick, 
power-free and less washing up.

The Kenwood bowl has stuck in the stand a couple of times when I've 
mixed too much of a stiff recipe (once was a huge amount of marzipan) 
for too long at a too-high speed. I've learned my lesson, I can't 
budge it when it happens and have had to call Spouse. We learn by 
experience not to abuse machinery. I can't imagine how it could 
happen with a cake topping!

But if that machine dies before I do I'll replace it with its 
equivalent. It sits on my worktop, ever-ready for use, permanently 
plugged in to the power outlet which was installed right next to it. 
Apart from my Circulon pans and a couple of superb knives I can't 
think of anything else more valued in the kitchen.

Except Spouse when I need a Big Strong Man.*

* he's 5' 4", skinny, almost 70 but strong enough for everything 
demanded of him - so far :-)