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Dough cycle in Bread Machines

Jessica Weissman <jweissmn@his.com>
Sat, 25 Feb 2012 09:44:05 -0500 (EST)
Marsha Eastman asked what a bread machine does on its bread cycle.

It mixes the ingredients and kneads the resulting mixture, then 
(depending on the machine) does either one or two rises.  The dough 
comes out ready for shaping, another rise, and baking.

So you can just knead the pizza dough by hand and let it rise either 
once or twice (your preference here).  Then follow the rest of the recipe.

I know that many bakers scorn bread machines.  But a good one can be 
a real help for preparing dough if you either can't knead or don't 
have the time.  I use mine frequently on the timer, so I wake up with 
kneaded dough ready to go.  The Zojirushi I use does an excellent job 
of kneading dough thoroughly, and is great especially for very sticky 
or runny high-hydration dough.  And it is easier to clean the 
nonstick dough bucket than it is to wash out my mixer and its 
beaters/dough hooks.

-  Jessica