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RE: Wheat Protein Test...

Dave Jimenez <dave.jimenez@freshstartbakeries.com>
Mon, 12 Mar 2012 11:08:05 -0400
Thanks Allen, glad to share the "gluten wash" test as it appeared 
Hileman wasn't gonna' get any test to try! ^_^

You are right, I wasn't sure about the 100% protein content....I was 
only sure that gluten was NOT 15% as Dale had mentioned.

I just checked various of my gluten suppliers' Certificate of 
Analysis and they all have 75-76% gluten with 7-8% moisture.

Thanks for getting me to check that out Reggie (I hate being wrong 
when I'm sharing off the top of my head)  -_-

Dave J in Ca...
...in the motherlode....