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re sourdough starter

Lloyd Davis <ldavis47@msn.com>
Sun, 11 Mar 2012 09:34:12 -0400
I have been using my locally grown sourdough starter for about a year 
now and never get the fluid or foaming on top. I refresh once a week 
at 100 % hydration, i.e. Every Saturday night I take 4 oz starter (by 
weight not volume) and mix it with 4 oz water until dissolved and 
then mix in 4 oz of all purpose flour. If I wait 2 weeks before 
refreshing I will get separation. I bet the reason is the 
carbohydrates are breaking down releasing more water and the proteins 
break apart so not as much water is absorbed. I usually only bake on 
the weekends so it would be smart to refresh Friday night but I 
usually fall asleep. Instead I found that if I take 1 oz (heaping 
tablespoon) of starter and mix it with 1 oz water and 1 oz flour and 
leave it out overnight, the 3 oz of refreshed starter does a very nice job.