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re: sourdough container makes a difference

"Anita Flanigan" <glasgal@sbcglobal.net>
Sun, 19 Aug 2012 09:26:40 -0700
Hi Mike:

It is my understanding that plastic breathes so only use it to 
contain and raise your dough, not store and build it.

I used to use a large cheese crock with a clamp-on lid, but lately 
have been using glass Weck canning jars.  The top just sits in its 
groove and doesn't clamp on,  You can check on the starter every time 
you open the fridge.  You would want the top loose so that pressure 
won't build up in the jar.  And it is clean and if you have a couple, 
you can run them through the dishwasher occasionally.

I too have saved the dried bits of starter (for emergency) and also 
have a little piece frozen, just in case my batch dies for some 
reason.  When camping years ago, used some of the dry and it perked 
right up.  Fed it a little flour and some So. Yuba River water and 
the next day made a batch of biscuits kneaded on a large rock in the 
middle of the stream in the sun.  They were lively enough to bake for 
dinner in some foil and hubby and I felt like we were back in the 
Gold Rush, eatin' with the sourdoughs.

Anita, from Nevada City California, a Gold Rush Town.