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Re: Ottolenghi's Olive Oil Crackers (v120n002)

John Embleton <j.embleton@gmail.com>
Mon, 13 Jan 2020 11:58:37 +1300
Hi Reggie,

Thanks so much for continuing to publish this wonderful bread bakers 
Digest. I have been reading it for years and always find something 
useful in each edition.

I just want to pass on a tip re the Ottolenghi's Olive Oil Crackers in 
last week's edition <https://bread-bakers.com/msgs/v120n002/msg00004.html>.

I always use a pasta machine for rolling cracker dough. You still need 
to rest the dough as per the recipe instructions but the pasta machine 
makes it so much easier and faster to roll a dough thin enough for 
crackers compared to a rolling pin. Once the dough is formed into 
sheets it can be cut to shape using a knife or cookie cutters of your 

Best Regards,