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Re: Recipes from "The Bread Machine Cookbook III"

hyler@ast.saic.com (Buffy Hyler)
Thu, 25 Feb 93 08:29:34 PST
Neil Kelson writes:
>Am I the only person who feels uncomfortable with seeing recipes reprinted from
>Donna German's books?  Come on people -- you are violating Ms. German's copy-
>rights!  Her books are all excellent, and I strongly encourage anybody with
>a bread machine to buy one or more of her books.  But I sure hate to see her
>lose some potential sales from people who feel that they can just get all
>her wonderful recipes from the `net'.

I agree on your point if too many are reprinted, but I applaud those
who reprint a few of their "favorites" along with the book and author's
name.  I know for a fact that I bought "The Bread Machine Cookbook I"
because of exactly this.  Someone posted a few recipes, I tried them at
home, they were great, so I went out and bought the book.  Not only
that, I bought book II as well.  So it actually got her two sale she
might not otherwise have got.  I've been burned too many times on bad
cookbooks that I prefer to try a few recipes before investing.  The net
is a great way to promote this.  Now, how many are "too many"?  My
opinion is that 1-3 recipes are ok, more than that borders on the
complaint that you expressed.

Buffy Hyler (hyler@ast.saic.com)
SAIC, Campus Point
San Diego, California