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Recipes from "The Bread Machine Cookbook III"

mswigint@msw104i.b24b.ingr.com (Margaret Wiginton)
Mon, 1 Mar 93 9:28:25 CST
Neil K. Nelson writes:

	*Am I the only person who feels uncomfortable with seeing
	*recipes reprinted from Donna German's books?  Come on people
	*-- you are violating Ms. German's copyrights!  Her books are
	*all excellent, and I strongly encourage anybody with a bread
	*machine to buy one or more of her books.  But I sure hate to
	*see her lose some potential sales from people who feel that
	*they can just get all her wonderful recipes from the `net'.

I understand your concern and I'm glad you brought this up,
but I don't think that posting Ms. German's recipes will
discourage sales of her books.  On the contrary, since I
started getting recipes from cooking-oriented newsgroups
and mailing lists, I've purchased many, many cookbooks that
I wouldn't have even noticed otherwise.  (In fact, that's
how I learned about Ms. German's books in the first place.)
Not only have I gotten lots of good guidance about which books
are best, I've had the opportunity to try out a recipe (or at
least read it carefully) before investing my money.

I should also point out that I don't post entire cookbooks (far
from it), I don't claim that the recipes are my own, and I
don't profit in anyway from posting them.

Of course, I'll refrain from posting anymore of Ms. German's
recipes (or anyone else's) if it makes the other readers of this
mailing list uncomfortable too.  It was (honestly) my
understanding that recipe-sharing was one of the reasons the
list was established.