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Too dry?

Sun, 13 Jul 1997 22:06:43 -0400 (EDT)
Well, I've been lurking long enough - Nothing like necessity to nudge me into
active participation - (smile - actually, shyness) . I've had a West Bend
Deluxe ABM for almost two years now - absolutely happy with it. Just this
weekend, I had two duds, both using the same tried and true recipe, even had
bought fresh yeast this past week, also. I ended up with two little doorstops
- normally this recipe yields a loaf that almost grazes the glass window of
the lid. I've had loaves not turn out, but never ever two in a row! So, I'm

I used fresh buttermilk in this, as well as an egg - ingredients I've often
used for this recipe. So, I'm wondering if this is a "humidty/liquid" thing,
or, what? Living in AZ low humidity, I've learned that I sometimes have to
adjust the liquid/dry ingredients - in response to the humidity (or lack of).
The yeast has a March 1998 expiration date, by the way. I even proofed it,
just to make sure that it was active. My machine has the prewarming cycle, so
I don't bother heating my liquids to desired temperature. Never have done so.
I'm using "Active" yeast, Red Star, not instant - am not using the
"quick-rise" cycle on my machine - am not doing anything any differently. The
machine itself seems to be working fine - no strange noises, and the dough
appears to be the right texture. Any notions on what gives?