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Re: German bread

sue@interport.net (Curly Sue)
Sun, 13 Jul 1997 19:47:09 -0400 (EDT)
>I'm generally not a big contributor to this list but I have several
>questions about  German breads.  I just returned from there, and I cannot
>get over how fresh the breads stay.  They would stay out overnight, not
>face down on a cutting board, and 2 days later it felt like and tasted
>like it was fresh from the bakery.  This happened to all breads that I
>tried. They were from a bakery and the people swore to me that there
>were no preservatives.  How is this possible?  What are they doing?
>Thanks alot for any info on this "miracle bread"

I just got back from Germany too, and ate my share of bread.  I have to say
that didn't strike me at the time as unusual, but you're right, I don't
remember having stale bread either (except baugettes).

I don't know the answer for sure, but I did learn something while in the
kitchen of the Goethehaus in Frankfurt.  I was by myself but a small tour
group came in and the guide described the kitchen a bit.  She pointed to a
large covered pot and asked anyone in the group if they could guess what it
was for.  Turns out it was a bread keeper and the guide explained that
German breads are sourdough breads.  Now, the way I heard it was that they
let the finished bread age in the pot a few days before eating it, but on
second thought maybe I misheard it and she was talking about the culture.
However, on third thought, the pot was metal (copper-y color) which I
wouldn't think would be good for a yeast culture, an acidic one at that.

OK, so that wasn't helpful ;>

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