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Re: grain mills

neil.flatter@juno.com (Neil L Flatter)
Sun, 13 Jul 1997 20:55:08 -0500
bbriscoe@infolink.morris.mn.us (Bonnie Briscoe) asks about grain mills. 
What kind is it, where did you buy it, how long have you used it, and
what do you like or dislike about it?

I have used two different grain mills.  Both were manually operated, but
are easily modified.  The first, while technically not a grain mill, was
made by Corona in Mexico.  The company also makes flour mills, and this
design is more like a flour mill than a grain mill with an adjustable
plate rubbing the grain against a fixed plate.  It has a hopper that hold
just over a pound of grain.  It does not have a good method for
delivering the product into a receiving container so you will end up with
grain flour all over you, the area you use it, etc.  My father now has
the mill and loves it for making feed for his earthworms.  The handle is
held on by a bolt which has a wide head which allows tightening by hand. 
The bolt is easily exchanged for one with a hex shaped head.  The
replacement can then by turned with an electric drill and a nut driver. 
The cost of the mill is about $35.

As a replacement, I purchased a Glatt grain mill on sale for $60.  It has
a hopper that easily holds 3 pounds of grain, but it could hold 4 if
poured in carefully.  It is a roller mill with harden steel rollers about
2 foot long.  The entire mill is designed to fit over a 5 gallon bucket. 
This is the mill the stores use when I purchase grain and they crush it
for me.  It is motorized by the attachment of a belt pulley and motor. 
It will run trough over a pound in a minute when turned at 100 turns a
minute.  There is much less flour generated with this method so clean up
is not a problem.

I have also used a plate mill with grains where a metal plate presses
grain up against a roller to break open the grain.  I don't have a price
or many details, but I could look them up if need be.

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