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"Neil Dunn" <neildunn@kuentos.guam.net>
Mon, 14 Jul 1997 21:13:16 +1000
After many years of using my DAK R2D2 & having mixed results, following all
recipes and manufacturer's instructions faithfully & because of the
inconsistencies, I gave up my favorite past-time of making bread.  I
reconsidered after a four year absence and bought an ABM, on sale.  To
date, I have not had an inferior loaf.  Their loading of the ingredients is
completely opposite of the DAK & I have had beautiful, perfect looking and
even better tasting loafs everytime.  I am almost ot the point of making a
loaf every other day and I am single.  This machine looks like my old R2D2,
but it works fantastic. PERFECTION every-time.
I am interested in comments from everyone having an ABM or having similar
problems with the DAK R2D2.  I am a loyal type consumer, if I get a
productr which does me right i stick with it, but when I get a product
which scrrews me over, such as CHRYSLER automobiles, I want the world to
know & thank GOD for the INTERNET to give us a phenominal audience....
By the way, I broke out the old DAK, dusted it off and followed their
(DAK's recipes and instructions), after 3 loafs, only one is what I
expected, I loaded the ingredients in the DAK following the ABM
instructions and guess what, 3 loafs later in the DAK and perfection
every-time.  DAK owners do not give up, write to ABM and get a copy of
their instruction manual...........Perhaps even a copy of their free