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Homeground Soy Flour??

"Ellen C." <ellen@elekta.com>
Mon, 25 Aug 1997 18:38:07 GMT
Please help me understand flours! When can you, and when shouldn't you, grind
the whole grain or bean into a flour?

Specifically, I've ground whole wheat berries, rye berries, corn, and brown
rice into flours. I've even considered grinding yellow split peas into a flour.
But everything I've seen regarding soy flour *always* says "defatted* soy flour.

Does this mean that if I want soy flour, I need to purchase it already ground?
Or can I simply plop some soy beans into my grinder and make flour? Is the
implication that soy beans (which I know have a high fat content) can't produce
a decent flour with defatting?

I'm not opposed to buying flours. Frankly, I usually grind my own because I
have limited freezer space and the whole grain flours tend to go rancid
quickly. I find that I can keep the grains in airtight containers at room
temperature for an extended period of time.

Thanks for your expert advice!


Ellen C.