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Cranberry Bread Experiment

FiberArt <fiberart@earthlink.net>
Sun, 24 Aug 1997 19:26:25 -0400
Well I learned 2 things when I made cranberry bread on Friday:

When using dried cranberry (bought in an organic store near me) use more
sugar than 3 tblspns.

Instead of using juice (liquid) I prefer the richness of milk in the recipie.

Other than these 2 lessons it turned out quite well.  I made the dough in
my bread maker, turned out into a bread pan and let rise 1 hour then baked
at 350 for 1 hour.  It was a perfect loaf! 

I also have dried cherries to experiment.

Anyone made bread with cranberries or cherries?  Was your recipie slightly
sweet (after a desert bread)?  Can you share details with me?

BTW, I have been on this list for a little while but been lurking.  Hi all :).

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