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Mold retarder.

Andie Paysinger <asenji@earthlink.net>
Sat, 02 Sep 2000 13:03:26 -0700
I have a few old bread boxes, including one which is mounted on the 
wall.   Even though I live in the desert, we do have plenty of molds, 
especially with the use of the evaporative coolers which work very well in 
a dry climate, however they are not called "swamp" coolers for nothing, 
they put a lot of moisture in the air.  Molds like this moisture.

In each I keep a small individual salt shaker (plastic or glass, do not use 
metal) in which I place a few drops of plain, regular bleach (not the 
scented variety).  It slowly vaporizes and the minimal amount of vapor, 
which does not affect the flavor of the bread, will discourage the growth 
of mold.  I usually have to replace the bleach every couple of weeks, more 
often when it is very hot. Try it with your container and a small piece of 

Any container which has ever had anything with mold in it should be treated 
with a bleach solution, rinsed and set in the sun to kill off the spores 
which can survive in microscopic pits in the surface of plastic and in 
microscopic cracks in pottery or glass.

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