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Some ideas for wholemeal bread

"Vikki Haffenden" <thehaffendens@cwcom.net>
Tue, 5 Sep 2000 21:57:44 +0100
I have been looking through my post from the bread digest having been very 
lax in doing so and I came across someone asking for advice on heavy 
bread.  I also asked for advice but meanwhile have found a good 
solution.  In the UK I cannot find Vital Gluten as an additive and add 
white bread flour to my whole meal loaves to help them rise, 1 cup 
replacing 1 of whole meal helps.

Also I add Vitamin C (Citric Acid) powder at approx. 1/6th tsp to every cup 
of flour (this is 500mg strength Vit c). Our water is very chalky and hard 
and this, or a tsp of lemon juice helps soften the water.  Then I also add 
1tsp of Lecithin per cup of flour...this lightens the loaf amazingly.  I do 
find it can add a  taste and I am experimenting with adding the minimum 
amount that works..

I get non GMO lecithin from a   local Health Co-op. I read about this idea 
in a book I have called The Bread Machine Book - Wholegrains and Natural 
Sugars by Donna Rathman (?) which has great recipes for wholefood 
junkies!...Sprouted grains and malted loaves- yummy. I got it from 
Amazon.co.uk @ a very good price and find the info useful...recommended to 
those who like to fiddle with wholefoody ingredients, and know why they are 
doing it and what can be substituted.

Thank you to Sue and Sam for the Grill breads, they sound fun to do in the