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waffle iron

Wed, 6 Sep 2000 13:08:55 EDT
For Barbara Schmitt who is looking for a quick new waffle iron:

I am in the same boat as my favorite died last week.  In my new Chef's 
Catalog that arrived yesterday (www.chefscatalog.com) there is one that 
greatly interests me for the same reasons you cite.  It is a Chef's Choice 
Wafflepro, item no 1700, $69.99.  Says it heats up in 3.5 minutes & bakes 
in 90 seconds, has beeper/light, etc & stores upright to save space.  I 
have used this company before (just bought my new KA 525 watt, 6 qt mixer 
from them) & my experiences have been good.

Sherry in NC