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Waffle irons

"Vikki Haffenden" <thehaffendens@cwcom.net>
Tue, 5 Sep 2000 22:11:52 +0100
>Barbara Schnitt wrote:-
>"Has anyone out there bought a waffle iron recently?  I am looking for a
>recommendation for a standard waffle iron (not a belgian waffler) that is
>reliable and FAST.  I usually wind up making waffles for 6-8 people at once,
>so I need an iron that will cook waffles as quickly as possible.  All
>feedback greatly appreciated!"

Out of interest what is a Belgian Waffler?  I have a stove top one from 
France that heats on the gas , not a plug in electric one ..is this a 
Belgian Waffler?

Vikki Haffenden - England