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Re: Misto

Sun, 21 Jan 2001 09:42:35 EST
Bob the Tarheel Baker wrote,

> Do any of you have Misto oil sprayers?  I have two.  I use one for olive
>  oil and one for canola oil. I am having a helluva time getting them to
>  spray evenly. 

Bob, I think it depends on the brand of sprayer. Hate to say it but my Misto 
never worked correctly with oil no matter how much I cleaned and fiddled. I 
thought it was me... Then I purchased an inexpensive plastic one at a 
restaurant supply house, and it works perfectly every time. I discovered that 
the Misto works OK for a mixture of oil and other liquid such as herb 
flavored water or vinegar, or for vinegar alone, but NOT for oil alone. I 
talked to the clerk at the cooking department where I had bought the Misto 
and she said when the Misto first came out they were very popular with 
customers but later batches started getting returns and complaints. They may 
have tried to reduce production costs and done something fatal to the design.