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Re: whole wheat rolls

"Eldon and Shanda Solomon" <elby@mstar2.net>
Sun, 21 Jan 2001 16:38:21 -0500

We use whole wheat flour a LOT in our bread, and my husband, who makes far
better bread than I, has a few secrets.  First, he uses about a half
teaspoon more yeast than most recipes call for.  Second, he generally adds
about 3 TBSPS of dried potato flakes and 1 heaping TBSP of applesauce per
loaf of bread or pan of rolls.  Also, we have started using Prarie Gold Hard
White Spring Wheat instead of the red wheats.  Our local supermarket used to
carry King Arthur's White Spring Wheat flour, but stopped, so we now buy the
wheat whole and grind it ourselves.  We think it makes a wonderful bread,
and use it for all sorts of other things as well.

I will have him write down the basic recipe in it's entirety, and post it
this week.

Good luck!