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Re:Lalvain du Jour Stater

Tue, 21 May 2002 02:02:06 +0800
Hi All,

I am responding to Helen's statement, "I had the same problem with the Gold 
Rush sourdough starter. Is it the Lalvain du Jour starter from KA that 
works well?".

I have written to the list in the past about my fondness for this King 
Arthur product, Lalvain du Jour. I wanted to clarify that they (there are 
2) are not like other starters I have across. The "du Jour" part may be the 
tip off as, I believe, it translates into "of the day". This is no starter 
that needs to be refreshed or needs to take up space in the fridge. It is 
like an "additive" that is ready when you are. KA says that it is "a dry 
mixture of specialized yeast, bacteria and lactose". You simply follow the 
recipes provided and in two or three days  (sponge rises for 18 to 20 hours 
and dough can rise 2-3 hours or overnight for "big holes) from start to 
finish. It is not an instant process, but I find much to recommend it's 
use. I like to bake a variety of breads and do not bake sourdough bread on 
a regular basis. With lalvain, I don't have to monitor and feed a starter. 
I don't need to wonder about it's potency or have to feed it for several 
days to get it into an active state. These little packets take up no room 
in my freezer and their lightness makes them one of the few products that 
KA does not charge S&H on. The package tells you to use the product within 
6 mos once opened, but I know I have used it after that date and the 
results were still good. I have one that I opened in '99 and I am going to 
use it soon just to see if it is still good. I will let you know. There is 
a down side to this product. It is pricey. Each packet is $6.95 and will 
make only 12 loaves for that price. I find it worth the money for the 
predictable results and the space and time saver. For someone who bakes 
more regularly and has a good strong starter, this may not be an appealing 
option. It matters not how we go about it as long as we end up with the 
best possible bread. IMHO, it's the one we made ourselves, with the 
ingredients of our own choosing and in the manner be it by hand or machine 
that feels right and fits into our own unique lifestyles. Amen


The usual disclaimer of having no affiliation with KA applies to what I 
have written.

Ellen aka Gormay