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Bratwurst rolls?

"Margaret G. Cope" <mcope@surfglobal.net>
Sun, 27 Jun 2004 06:56:07 -0400
In Sheboygan Wisconsin...yes it exists and I grew up there....there is a 
wonderful bakery...City Bakery...which makes "bratwurst rolls" among other 
good breads and sweet rolls.

Anybody out there have a clue as how to make them?  They have a light crust 
on the outside and are light in the inside with a medium crumb.  Not at all 
sweet.  Have a crease down the middle  of the roll which is broken in 
half...the half is split with a knife and the "brat"is placed inside with 
of course mustard, pickle, onion and sometimes even catsup.

Once I encountered a similar roll in Worcester MA (where I also lived for 
30 years) but of course they no longer exist and as Johnsonville brats are 
now available up here in the north country we need the right roll. =20

If anyone has an idea please email me directly.  There is a traditional 4th 
of July ""brat fry" planned for Sat night." I only wish I had thought of 
asking you all before this "crisis".