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Re: What are English Muffins?

David A Barrett <Dave.Barrett@lawpro.ca>
Tue, 6 Sep 2005 09:47:13 -0400

English muffins are a yeasted bread that is cooked on the 
stovetop.  I haven't made them myself since about 15 years ago, but 
if memory serves me, the dough is more of a batter-like 
consistency.  Usually, you use a ring to contain the batter until it 
firms up, then remove it.  The result is something that about the 
size and shape of a hockey puck.  Probably the closest comparison 
would be a pancake.

The other thing I remember was that it was quite difficult to get the 
middle of the edge to cook properly.

I think I'll try making them again, now I think about it.

Dave Barrett