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Re: Sourdough sticking to banneton after proving stage

Trevor Jenkins <trevor.jenkins@suneidesis.com>
Sun, 28 Jul 2013 22:06:20 +0100
Thanks to Anita and Allen who replied back to the list and to the 
others who replied privately concerning my problem that my sourdough 
dough sticks to the proving basket.

The concensus seems to be that, confirming my suspicions, my dough is 
too wet.The water in my sourdough culture and that added deliberately 
according to the recipe is making the (new formulated) flour saturated.

Various suggestions were made as to how to resolve it. The most 
popular being to put even more flour (especially rice flour) in to 
the banneton before putting the knocked-back dough in. This might be 
the hardest one to take on board as I do already put considerable 
flour into the banneton at that stage. Another is to reduce the time 
the dough is in the basket proving.

Some have questioned the maintenance of the sourdough culture. It 
being 50:50 water to flour. (25:25 immeditately after making a loaf 
and 25:25 half a day before mixing the dough.) Many expressed 
surprise at how wet this starter mix is.

For the latest loaf, hence the delay in replying-I only make 
sourdough every fortnight-I used significantly less water in the 
mixing stage...some 80ml less in fact. The original recipe said 230ml; 
though the previous flour formulation needed 240ml. So today's loaf 
had only 150ml of water. The dough was proved, knocked back, and left 
to rise for the usual periods. The volumes were slightly less than 
before. However, when tipped from the banneton the dough did *not* 
stick. Objective achieved. The final loaf has a tight, even, and 
highly regular crumb. Now the next step is to increase the water 
until I find that balance between good proof and rise, not sticking 
and a nice open crumb.

Again thanks to all those who offered advice and suggestions.

Regards, Trevor.

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