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The Mailing List:
Bread-Bakers Digest


This web site is the result of years of enthusiastic participation by the thousands of subscribers to the Bread-Bakers Digest mailing list. We invite you to join us in sharing the joys of the art of bread baking. Subscription instructions are here.

The Bread-Bakers Digest is a moderated mailing list. Bread-Bakers is sent out once a week in digest format only. Digests are archived here. Recipes were extracted from the early years of the digests (1990-2001) and are available for download here.

The rules for participation are simple:

Subscription Instructions

The Bread-Bakers Digest mailing list is run automatically by GNU Mailman.


To join the bread-bakers mailing list, click subscribe.

The system will send an email to you to confirm your subscription. After confirmation you will receive a welcome email containing your list password. This password will allow you to change options or unsubscribe from the list. You will receive a monthly password reminder email.

If you have problems with your subscription, please write to us at <bread-bakers-owner@lists.bread-bakers.com> and we will assist you.


To send a message to bread-bakers, send mail to <bread-bakers@lists.bread-bakers.com>. You must be subscribed to the list to post to the list.

Options and Unsubscribe

From the options page you can enable or disable mail delivery, change your password, enable or disable password reminder emails or unsubscribe from the list.

If you have multiple email addresses but only wish to receive one copy of bread-bakers, subscribe all your addresses and disable delivery on all but one.

General List Server Information

The subscriber list is not available to anyone.

To contact a human to help solve mailing list problems, email to <bread-bakers-owner@lists.bread-bakers.com>

In real life, we are Reggie & Jeff Dwork.