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Re: Bread Texture

Nathalie Chiva <nathalie.chiva@ci.unil.ch>
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 13:29:35 +0200
The Irelands wrote:
>Have a question about bread texture.  I got an ABM for Christmas which
>I really like.  My husband prefers bread with a light fine texture;
>like you buy at the store.  I can't seem to achieve that texture.  Any
>ideas?  I've wondered if you can't get the store bought bread texture
>when using an ABM.

I love light, fine-textured bread. I found out that I could get it every
time (with white bread, not whole-wheat) by using the French bread cycle
(longer kneading, longer raise).

Nathalie Chiva
Informatique administrative UNIL