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Ruth Warren <herblady@netnitco.net>
Sat, 28 Feb 1998 10:39:29 -0600
I replied by e-mail to the King Arthur request, but thought I'd share it
here.  http://www.kingarthurflour.com
Now I don't have it bookmarked(long story) but I just put in address box
www.kingarthur.com and it came up wrong. So I did
and voila. I find it very easy to find commercial sites by fiddling like
that. Much quicker than search engines. Except for some sneaky ones like
Fleishmann--they are http://www.breadworld.com

About sourdough starters. I've done alot of experimenting both with
homemade and with the powdered ones. By far the most superior to me is
the Goldrush starter. BUT only after a couple of refeedings. The
Fleishmann one just isn't sour enough for me.  Homemade one's just don't
have the oomph or taste of Goldrush. They do make a box mix as well, I
try and keep one on hand when I forget to set out my starter the night
before and just absolutely, positively have to have sourdough. A bit
pricey tho. Krusteaz mix isn't that bad, and better than the Fleishmann
powdered starter. At least that's my opinion and that of hubby.

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