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old dough

"Weissman, Jessica" <weissmanj@abacustech.com>
Mon, 2 Mar 1998 10:50:58 -0500
I'm using a recipe that says to use a starter, but to save a cup of
dough to use as "old dough" in the next round of the same bread.

Does this mean to use the cup of old dough in place of the starter?
This hardly seems right, since the old dough is much less wet than the
starter.  I tried it that way (no starter; use the old dough instead)
and would have had a dry disaster if I hadn't added lots of water to the

So, do I use BOTH the starter and the old dough?  Do I add the old dough
after the sponge stage?

Or what?

-  Jessica Weissman