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1 lb. bread machines

John DeCarlo <jdecarlo@mitre.org>
Mon, 02 Mar 1998 11:20:42 -0500

I'm sorry to ask what is probably a FAQ, but I spent about an hour going
through the archives to find the answer without any luck.

Anyway, we just bought a 1 lb. Welbilt (ABM 550, I believe) bread machine.
I have now tried twice to convert a 1.5 lb. recipe into a 1 lb. without any
luck.  Something is not working right with it.  

And I don't know if it is the machine or me, but when I was learning to use
a 1.5 lb machine, it took me awhile to adjust to temperature and moisture
changes in the environment.

So, can anyone point me to a past digest, or a book, or web page that would
have some tried-and-true 1 lb. recipes, as well as guidance on converting



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