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Ruth Warren <herblady@netnitco.net>
Mon, 04 May 1998 09:02:06 -0500
To: Nancy Hill and J&H Braun, When using Whole Wheat Flour, it is
necessary to use some Vital Wheat Gluten, available at some groceries
and health food stores. When buying from the latter, don't let them talk
you into Gluten Flour, not the same thing. Arrowhead Mills makes a good
product. I store it in the fridge forever. 

Janis, you asked about lecithin granules. It, along with wheat gluten
are excellent dough enhancers for whole wheat breads. Lecithin is a good
fat substitute. I always ad a minimum of 1 T to my breads and cut back
on fat. It is a good additive to help prevent your bread from drying out
and/or getting moldy. Improves the shelf life of home baked bread.

Margaret C.: sunken loaf means too much liquid among other things. Check
out Lois and Linda's "Bread Machine Magic Book of Helpful Hints," it's
bible for answers.

Patrick: I'd just go with a smaller recipe than trying to cut one in
half, but then I'm lazy. Too much can go wrong and a waste of time as
far as I'm concerned.

Pam, not familiar with that recipe, in book 1 or More? I'd suggest you
zap Linda or Lois with your question. Their e-mails are on their site.

Diane, I suggest you call Zo, could be a defective machine. I've heard
they are top of the line and also pretty good service.

Have a good week all, ruth (come see my updated page)

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