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Re: Fruit and peel mix

Ruth Provance <rprovanc@gmu.edu>
Sun, 21 Jun 1998 20:12:40 -0700
Dear Gene,

The first place I would look for "fruitcake fruit" out of season is the
King Arthur Flour Baker's Catalog.  See KA's website at:
I think they have a form you can fill out to get their catalog, and I
know that they have the 800 number you can call to get one of their very
helpful operators who can at least tell you if the item is available.

I also bake stollen, and sometimes stock up on the fruit during November
and December, but rarely get around to baking it out-of-season.  I have
shared the recipe I use.  Could you share yours? :)

Keep baking bread!

Luke 2