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Dog Biscuits

"Donna M. Walter" <dmwalter@tradenet.net>
Tue, 23 Jun 98 14:31:51 -0500
I was happy to have a request for my recipe and it's now organized  
to send.  There are those who say  " You make the dog's biscuits?  
Since his diet is homemade, and mostly organic,  it's natural to do 
the treats also for my 11yr. old Black Lab.   King Arthur Bakers 
Catalog has a really good dog biscuit mix for the ABM. This was the 
beginning. I researched the dog books nutritional chapters with 
recipes as well. Knew I was doing it right after reading  More Bread 
Machine Magic's  good dog biscuit recipe.
It's fun to watch the Food Network's  Three Dog Bakery  program (very 
gourmet). Each weeks recipes are available see:  www.foodtv.com for 
all the cooking shows -- Bakers Dozen.

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Wingo's Hearts (shape of cookie cutter)

Recipe By:  DMWalter
Serving Size:   36

Categories: ABM or Hand

Amount  Measure Ingredient  Preparation Method
1 1/2   cups    White wheat Flour   
1/2 cup All-purpose flour   
1/3 cup Cornmeal    *
1/2 c   Oat flakes  *
2   tablespoons Non-instant dried milk  * 
1/3 cup Wheat germ  * 
1   teaspoon    Vogue Veg or Chicken Base Inst. stock   *
1 1/2   tablespoons Cracked flax seed   * see note
2   tablespoons Brewers yeast flakes    *
2   tablespoons Kelp    * see note
1   teaspoon    Garlic granules * 
1 1/2   tablespoons Powdered whole egg* or 1 lge. Fresh 
1   tablespoon  Sucanat* or Molasses    
1/2 cup Parsley sprigs  
6   ozs Water   
2   tablespoons Canola oil  
1 1/4   teaspoons   Active dry yeast    

Water,  oil,  molasses to ABM.  Add flour, yeast.  Start  machine 
KNEAD cycle to mix and add Other * Ingredients.   Make adjustments 
for Water or Flour.  Knead for APROX 20 minutes.  Remove shortly 
after rise cycle begins or remove and rest dough for 15 min.  Roll 
out on oiled surface aprox.  1/4" and cut biscuits.  Bake  45 min  
(convection oven) 1 hr conventional oven. 300F. Cool for a few hours 
/ overnight. 

                   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Notes:  Streamline by preparing containers of * ingredients for 
refigerator -- ready to add flour and other ingredients to mix  
biscuits. Flour can be included in the mix preparations and only wet 
ingredients and yeast remain.  I crack flax seeds in coffee grinder. 
Whiz the dry kelp strips in food processor to chop. 
Judging dough:  How tough is it to cut?  or how stuck to the cutting 
board?  your future guide to wet/dry.   Both conditions and the Dog 
are very forgiving.