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Summer Loaf: A Celebration of Bread

"Michael C. Zusman" <mczkaz@teleport.com>
Sat, 27 Jun 1998 13:00:48 -0700
Fellow bread bakers:

It is with great pleasure that I announce Portland, Oregon's second
annual Summer Loaf:  A Celebration of Bread on Saturday, July 25,
1998.  Featuring samples and sale items from more than 20 area artisan
bakeries, more food from our Farmers' Market vendors, professional and
amateur bread baking contests, a master baking class (on Sunday), a
Speakers' Corner (featuring bread baking experts of all sorts, construction
and demonstration of an authentic wood burning brick bread oven and more,
Summer Loaf is the largest event of
its kind in the United States.  And we would love to have you visit if
you can make it.  (It hardly ever rains in Portland in late July, and I
know Reggie is going to be here.)

We are equally proud to present our website, accessible at
http://www.summerloaf.org  The site is just up and running, so if you
have any feedback on it let me know.  I'll pass any comments on to our
website guru.  Even with a few bugs still to shake out, the site
provides all the details about Summer Loaf, plus I threw together a
little "Bread Bakers Internet Resource Guide" for your perusal.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Very truly yours,
Michael C. Zusman