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"Mega-bytes" <mega-bytes@email.msn.com>
Sat, 11 Jul 1998 08:25:40 -0400
> Per loaf - 1 lb, 12-14 slices:
>          Loaf  Slice
> Calories 1,440  120
> Sat Fat  0  0
>  Poly unsat fat 0  0
> Mono unsat fat 9g  .75g
> Protein  165g  13.75g
> Carbo  99g  8.25g
> fiber  396g  33g
> sugars  63g  5.25g
> chol  0  0
> Sod (in beans) 36g  3g
> Iron %RDA 324%  27%
> Cal %RDA 180%  15%
> PLUS 33 Vitamins, minerals and amino acids

Rich Casey rgcasey@ix.netcom.com Wrote:

>Sorry, my engineering background just won't let me pass on this.

>A pound of bread weighs 456 grams. Adding up the fat, protein,
>carbos, fiber and sugars given in the note I get a total of 732
>grams.  I'm especially surprised by the claim for 396 grams of
>fiber - typically it's a few percent or less of total weight. Can
>someone check these figures?


I'm not an engineer - just passing on the information given to me.
Looking at the grains and beans that go into the bread it's not
your regular fluffy flour you buy at the store, and having eaten
it, I believe it does have a LOT of fiber.