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Mystery Bread

BreadMagician@prodigy.com ( LINDA REHBERG)
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 18:35:22, -0500
From: "andy&shell" <andy.shell@virgin.net>
Subject: Mystery Bread
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 09:31:51 +0100

You wrote:
<<<I went on an exchange holiday in Denmark about 15 years ago.  
Whilst I was
there, every day, the couple made sandwhiches for me to take on my
sightseeing trips.  The bread they used seemed to be a traditional 
very, very dark brown, quite hardish and small pieces.  I have very 
memories about this bread and have tried, without success to find out 
this bread was and ideally to get a recipe.  I'm not very 
about foreign breads, some one surgested I tried something called
pumpanickle, but it deffinately wasn't that.  I would be so greatful 
anyone could help, even just with the name.>>>>

I'm not familiar with Danish breads, never having been there, so I 
scanned several cookbooks but didn't come up with anything matching 
your description.  I'm wondering if the bread you're referring to is 
similar to the German Volkornbrot.  You can find it or something very 
similar in the deli section of the market with the cheeses.  It's a 
very heavy, very dense dark bread.  The slices are about 5" square 
and quite thin.  Sometimes it's labeled as a pumpernickel or a rye 
but it doesn't resemble the ryes and pumpernickels found in the bread 
case.  When we lived in Germany, this bread was everywhere and we 
missed it terribly when we returned home until I was able to find 
something similar here.

Hope I'm on the right track.....

Linda Rehberg