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from a lurker who uses a KA

Docia Richard <muleteer@wcnet.net>
Sat, 11 Jul 1998 08:23:05 -0500
Well, what a wonderful discussion going on about Kitchen Aid (KA)
breadmaking and too much flour!  I really enjoyed Ruth's earlier advice
about how easy it is to add too much flour when mixing in a KA.  Been
there, done that, many a time.  Further direction regarding the tacky vs.
sticky dough will also be taken into practice.  I've really noticed the
difference a little patience with the dough scoop can make while letting
the KA do it's work.  But still, it never quite 'feels' like a hand kneeded
dough after being done in the KA, always a little 'wetter'.

I've been lurking and enjoying this list for quite a while now, and have
visited some of y'all's beautiful websites.  Thanks for the great recipes,
everyone.  And I do believe that Ruth's page is a must-see for the new
breadbaker.  She has a gift for sharing wisdom.

I missed the first description of 'Summer Loaf' event.  Sounds like it's up
in the Pacific Northwest somewhere?  Guess you wouldn't expect a lot of
heavy breadmaking to be occuring down here in Texas in July.  Most folks
here think it's a sin to light the oven when it's 100 outside and the A/C
is begging for relief. 

Thanks again, especially to Ruth and Don, for all the great tips.