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Anyone have a basic pizzelle recipe?

"Julia S. Tingler" <3TEATIME@prodigy.net>
Sun, 02 Aug 1998 07:55:53 -0400
Hello, I have been receiving this list for a very long time but rarely
have time to wade thru all of the wonderful recipes.  I have, however,
acquired a Kitchen Aid mixer and have decided to get back to "real"
bread making, instead of relying on my breadmaker all of the time.  

My mother-in-law was able to find a pizzelle maker at Service
Merchandise, for 14.95.  It did not have the box (it was the display,
last one) or the recipe book or a manual.  She has wanted one for a long
time, though, and asked the manager about the recipes.  The manager gave
it to her at $5 and some change!  Suffice it to say she is ready to
begin making some pizzelles!!!  The only problem is that she has no
recipes.  Can someone help her?  

Please email me directly, as I receive the digest version and sometimes
do not read all of the digests.  You could also email Rita, my
mother-in-law directly, at Grammy1@worldnet.att.net

Thanks in advance!

Julia T