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European-style breads

Jean Sutherland <jsuth@internetcds.com>
Sat, 08 Aug 1998 11:18:42 -0700
I would like a little help improving the look of my bread.  I
have recently attempted a Pain au Levain recipe I got through
"Bread Alone" by Daniel Leader.  I developed the chef and
followed all the steps as accurately as I could.  I was totally
blown away by the magic of watching a pinch of yeast develop into
a very tasy and well risen loaf.  The bread was fabulous.

I had one problem, though.  I used a baking stone and tried to
spray water on the walls of my oven with a spritzer but still
didn't get the dark color I was looking for.  The water seemed to
evaporate almost on contact and very little steam appeared.  Is
this the real trick to getting more color in a home oven?
Without adding any other ingredients to the bread (like sugar or
eggs, etc) I would like a darker color on the loaves.  Can I get
any suggestions?

Aloha, Oregon

PS. I was at the Summer Loaf for a brief time and loved it.  I
hope to go every year.