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bread not rising

Rosemary Grimm <bf940@lafn.org>
Sun, 11 Oct 98 04:35:56 PDT
For CHAMBERS whose bread doesn't rise:

It's easy to determine if your yeast is active. Just dissolve 
some in warm water; add a pinch of flour or sugar. If it's not 
bubbling up like crazy within 10 minutes, it's dead.

If your yeast is active, are you killing it with too high a 
temperature? Or are you using the refrigerated flour without 
letting it warm up first? The yeast would still rise if the 
temperature were low, but it would take a very, very long time.

Adding fat (this includes milk) or salt directly to the yeast 
can also diminish the rise.

Are you kneading the dough sufficiently? If the gluten is not 
well developed, the dough will not hold the gases and expand 
with them. Oh, I noticed you're using a food processor to 
knead. Is this a part of the recipe directions? How long are 
you running it? A food processor works very fast and heats the 
dough; so it could be killing the yeast with heat or 
overkneading the dough. 

If you are able to make other bread that turns out well, then 
chuck this recipe and find another.

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