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Re: Mixmaster and Dough hooks

Rosemary Grimm <bf940@lafn.org>
Sun, 11 Oct 98 07:07:24 PDT
An electric mixer with dough hook doesn't necessarily make 
better bread. It's just easier than hand mixing for some folks. 

The book "Secrets of a Jewish Bread Baker" says that it is best 
fully load the bowl of the mixer and there are mixer versions 
(larger batches) of all the recipes in that book. There may be 
other helpful mixer hints in that book; I just skimmed it at a 

One problem that can occur, at least with the large KA mixer, 
is having flour thrown out of the bowl making a mess in the 
kitchen. You just need to keep the speed very low until most of
the flour is incorporated. Increase the speed gradually until 
kneading begins.

When kneading with the dough hook, look for the dough to hold 
together, clean the bowl and form a shape that begins slapping 
against the bowl sides. Stay with the mixer so it doesn't walk 
off the counter. Stop and feel the dough occasionally judging 
it's elasticity and wetness, just as you would with hand 

Mixers generally take 1/3 to 1/2 the time that hand kneading 
would require.

Most people still want to do a little hand kneading at the end 
to round the dough before rising or just to have that great 
feel of live dough in their hands.

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